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Syrah Grape Vineyard

Knowing the Syrah Wine Vineyard

A Syrah wine vineyard is going to have Syrah grapes. Syrah wine is a very dark red wine so the grapes themselves are a very dark and rich color on their own. These grapes grow well at the tops of hills and are the offspring of the Dureza and the Mondeuse Blanche grape. These grapes do have a very thick skin so sometimes the winemakers like to soak the grapes before they are made into wine. This cold soak works to help remove some of the tannin that is bitter and will make for a bitter wine and allows a fruitier flavor to develop. Since Syrah wine is such a bold flavor, you want to make sure you are pairing it with bold foods so that they are not overpowered or taken over by the wine itself. For those in the Encino CA are, Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard grows Syrah grapes and does make Syrah wine.

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