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Syrah Wine

Why Does Everyone Love Syrah Wine?

Syrah wine is a popular choice all over the world and syrah grapes are ranked as one of the most planted grapes. It’s very obvious why. Syrah is great for a variety of food and wine pairings. Roasted, grilled or smoked meats, like sausage, barbeque, chicke, beef, and duck are all great when paired with Syrah wines. They also make a great wine for stewed meats, fishes, an array of hard and soft cheeses, as well as winter comfort dishes. It so easy to see why everyone loves Syrah wine. 


Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard, a boutique vineyard in Encino, CA, is a producer of Syrah grapes. At harvest, the grapes are transported to a Custom Crush Winery in Camarillo where the grapes are processed according to their instructions as to how they want the wine to appear; more or less tannins, higher alcohol, etc. When the wine is bottled after 10 - 12 months in oak barrels at the winery, it is then delivered back to Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard. Upon arrival, they are stored in a large temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar from which they conduct their sales.


Due to being a boutique vineyard, they are able to give the personal attention that is needed to produce grapes that have resulted in awarding winning Syrah wines.

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