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From Vineyard to Winery - Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard Produces Syrah Grapes That Results in Award-Winning Wine

Many award winning Syrah wines have been created due to the grapes at Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard. The Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard is located in Encino, California near the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. This location with its rich terrain and hot summer afternoons, along with the personalized attention the vineyard gets, are the perfect combination to create grapes that produce Gold Medal Syrah red wine. 


When the grapes are harvested, they are sent to a winery, where they are processed with specific instructions from the owners of Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard on how they want the wine to appear and taste. The wine is kept at the winery in oak barrels for 10-12 months before being transported back to Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard, where they are kept in a large temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar ready to be sold. 


With the help of the winery, Wexler Encino Estate Vineyard has produced many award-winning Syrah wines that everyone can enjoy. Pay them a visit today!

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